Friday, April 26, 2013

The Fleet is in!

A friend of ours asked if we could print some battle ships his daughter needed for a diorama she was making as part of a school project - I said sure!  Then went hunting for models.  There are some great models in the Sketchup warehouse, but they are all crazy detailed and not printable.

Searching around Thingiverse turned up this model:

It looked like it would work and a few folks had printed it already, so that was selected.  In my opinion the hull is much too tall for the ship (maybe it was done this way so it would float).  I loaded the model in Blender and reduced the height.

Loaded it up in Kisslicer and produced the G code file that let me print these:
The left image was printed on the MM1.5+ and the right hand one was 3 ships at once on the MM2.0.

Below is a video showing some of the ships being printed -- this is from the MM2.0 with faster acceleration than we'd previously used.

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