Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Modifications and Additions Part 3

Like most Reprap printers, our kit wasn't designed with any way to mount the power supply. But having it sit on the desk next to the printer was uncouth, made it difficult to transport, and was a potential shock hazard.  The obvious place to try and mount the power supply was underneath the printer but there wasn't enough clearance. The first thing we need to do was raise the printer about 3cm.

We started off printing some feet we found on Thingivers ( to raise the printer, but with 4 of these in place it didn't provide much stability.

With my handy dandy new OpenSCAD skills, I designed some basic legs that would attach diagonally across each corner. These provided much more support and we were able to adjust the back left leg so the power supply could rest on it.

Here they are mounted to the printer.  They're a bit slippery on the bottom so we may add some rubber feet to them. Download the files from

Again, here's the power supply and relay prior to mounting.

Here's a shot below the bed so you can see where the power supply is going. The cutout leg is in the back corner and blue parts are printed clips that screw into power supply and clip on to the extrusion frame. Currently only the side clip is being used. After attaching the back riser we realized the back clip won't fit so we'll need to make a slight design change.

A few pictures of the power supply and relay mounted. The relay is attached to the front leg with double sided tape.


After mounting the power supply we rerouted all the wires and used cable ties to keep things a little more tidy. Here's where we're at now.

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