Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Modifications and Additions Part 4

We finally got around to redesigning the back mounting clip for the power supply. We have 1 back clip, 1 side clip, and 1 foot holding the power supply under the printer. You can download all the parts from  Here's a shot of the mountings from underneath the printer. Back clip is green, side clip is blue, foot is grey.

Colin made some clip mounts for the 2020 extrusions in OpenSCAD so I decided to create a filament guide that clips on to the top of the printer frame.

He also bought a LED light for the extruder and a rocker switch to turn it on/off. Seemed like a good idea to make a clip on housing box for the switch.
Here's the rocker switch we used

We'll probably replace the LED light with something else, but here's what we currently have

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